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exe KEPware.Enhanced.OPC.DDE.exe by Athena Solutions LLC at 2005-08-12 10:32:11 JRT 653 Value of a text string argument from a GUID at the time the.NET Framework 4.0 was built on Windows Server 2008? Question: When.NET was first released, the following function call: String foo = Enum.Parse(typeof(Foo), fooString); was converted to: Foo foo = Enum.Parse(typeof(Foo), fooString); This may not have been the best decision. In.NET 4.0, the following code is .NET 4.0. String foo = (Foo)Enum.Parse(typeof(Foo), fooString); Should this code be converted to? Foo foo = (Foo)Enum.Parse(typeof(Foo), fooString); ? Answer: Yes, this is correct. In.NET 4.0, the Enum.Parse method is given the type that was generated at build time by the compiler. This can be seen in the Enum.Parse method signature: public static Object Parse( int source, String member, IEnumerable enumerable, Object[] parsers, int parseFrom, Type enumType) A table showing the type and the file and line number from which the type is taken is printed to the debug output. That table can be seen in the above code. The Microsoft.CSharp.dll is built at compile time using the Microsoft.CSharp.targets file. One of the tasks defined in this file is the GetGeneratedNamespace function. This function takes the fully qualified type name and returns the namespace. The table below shows the namespaces created for all assemblies and other.NET Framework files, plus the generated types contained within them. All types are placed into a namespace of type AssemblyNamespace. A note about the generated types is provided in the code. While it is possible to modify the contents of the namespace created by this function, it is not recommended because it makes the generated namespace much harder to find. AssemblyNamespace Namespace for Assembly A.dll A.dll. Assembly




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KEPware Enhanced OPC DDE KEPServer V4.500.465 octawasy

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